Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Submission Guidelines for Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Submit all photos to
The same address as you use for Images for view and contest submissions
Each photo should be named (Using my name as example only) Name Subject
Brian Black Parade-people
Brian Black Gold
You can submit all or any of the subjects listed below and at full resolution, just as you do for other submissions.
Please submit all entries for the Scavenger Hunt by Sunday December 1st
This is so Pat has time to get them together in time for the Christmas party

You might need to split them into two e-mails and the subject of e-mails should read “Christmas Scavenger Hunt”
Any questions e-mail me at
I have listed the subject here again for your convenience
 November 23
 1.  Parade-People
 2.  Shiny/Glittery
 3.  Ornament
 4.  Star
 5.  Angle-or-Angel
 6.  Ribbon
 7.  Sleigh
 8.  Snow/Snowflake
 9.  Wreath
10. Gold
 Extra - * Wrinkle

Thank you for participating, 


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