Focus Camera Club’s first field trip of the Fall 2013 season

Welcome to the Focus Camera Club’s first field trip of the Fall 2013 season
It will be held at the Magnetic Hill Zoo on Saturday September 28th at 9:00AM
(Rain Date Sunday September 29th also at 9AM)
Please do make the effort to arrive by then(or early) as they will have a couple of scheduled feedings for us
And I would like to know if you plan to attend
To contact me, please click on the executive committee link on the website and then look for my e-mail link as the Field Trip Coordinator
Plenty of parking and we will be receiving the group rate for admission $9.00 Adults/$8.00 Seniors and Students
Depending on how many are going we may need to split up and not all go together as too many people all at once startle the animals
We will be getting more details next week on what feedings as well as a list of the newest additions
We have discussed with the Zoo management  that we will all be sending one or more of our best shots from the day (Maximum of 5)
That is something that also benefits you as the photographer as they will give credit(whenever possible) when they publish your shot
All photos from the trip(Or if you have some others that you really liked) will be sent to
Please DO NOT Watermark them (Or they won’t be able to publish them on their website,brochures,or even perhaps in a newspaper article or as for the Zoo)
And send them at a resolution of 2048 pixels on the longest edge
Thank you
Brian Black

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