On Thursday, March 20, our presenter will be, Maurice Henri ( “The outline of my talk is the personal development and approach of the creation process of photographic arts. In other words "seeing"”. His presentations are always visually exciting, informative and inspiring.
Maurice was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. He has also lived in, visited and photographed all the Atlantic Provinces, where, he says, “each province inspires its own gold”. He has explored each photographic mine with equal curiosity and enthusiasm. He has devoted a large part of his life cataloguing those unique and unforgettable images. The result of his devotion to the beauty of our region is now archived for life.
He has been creating Stock, Commercial and Portrait photography professionally since 1988. He also hosted and produced “FOTO”; a photography television series featuring education segments and interviews with prominent photographers. Sharing his knowledge with others since 1992, his “Learning Photography Programs” are a very important part of his photographic vision.


“A room filled with art is a room filled with thought”.
Every moment of every day we capture images with our eyes. Most of these fleeting
moments filter through and are forever lost. Some linger a while longer, enhancing our lives.
I want to bring a moment of quiet reflection to the viewer, a pause in time, a moment of
peace, a bit of beauty. I love the Earth and am deeply moved by the beauty and colours of nature.
Mainly, my work is about catching the mood and feel of every moment in creating the photograph. I believe that most interesting art occurs on its own around us. It doesn’t need alteration or enhancement. My assignment is to capture its natural beauty.
I believe that the power of the photographic image can open the heart and change people’s view of the world. A good portrait reveals more than the outward appearance of the subject, it unveils the sitter’s individual situation, inner life and inner longings. It also tells a story of the relationship between subject and photographer. It conveys what the photographer sees, feels and believes.
I am committed to promoting, expanding and sustaining photographic arts in Canada.
“I make it my responsibility as a photographer to use the visual strength of my images to tell a story, transmit emotions and reveal them to the viewer.” - Maurice Henri

The club contest will be “Light-on White”.

Just a reminder to bring Nature and Pictorial pictures for the CAPA club competition! We didn't have enough entries last meeting to start voting on them, and the deadline is this month. The categories are wide open, so we'll take anything :) (only nature has more strict 'rules' but anything goes in pictorials!)
André Richard

Don’t forget to bring a friend.

Keep shooting,
Bill Cooper

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