On Thursday, April 3rd, our presenter will be Focus Camera Club member, Tony Boudreau ( ). Tony will be discussing Portraits.
I plan on showing my studio work and a brief intoduction into portraiture. Maybe showing some different setups for lighting and the results.
I got my 2nd SLR camera about 9 years ago and really was fascinated with light and different results it showed. I started off like lots of people and did landscape and nature work, and enjoyed that but wanted more. So I tried Macro and well there we go, the artist flare was set off. I still shot nature but never a tree as a tree or that it was macro and multiply exposures of different things that got me to play with light. Five years ago I got my first model and that was it, Portaiture was the thing for me. I slowly started to build up my studio and did different stuff with with that. I mostly shoot for models portfolios and websites. I do family stuff, but mostly work in the fashion type industry with goals of a fulltime photographer for a magazine.

Tony Boudreau

We will also be presenting Photo Essays by our members. The essays should be about “one song long” (3-5 minutes), of slides or digital and the more contributors the merrier. It’s time to get started on your presentation and everyone is expected to bring one. The club contest will be “Ice and Snow”.

“One might compare the art of photography to the act of pointing. It must be true that some of us point to more interesting facts, events, circumstances, and configurations than others [...] The talented practitioner of the new discipline would perform with a special grace, sense of timing, narrative sweep, and wit, thus endowing the act not merely with intelligence, but with that quality of formal rigor that identifies a work of art, so that we would be uncertain, when remembering the adventure of the tour, how much our pleasure and sense of enlargement had come from the things pointed to and how much from a pattern created by the pointer.”- John Szarkowski

Good shooting

Bill Cooper

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