In case you missed the last meeting, the next meeting will be full of members mini-presentation. You can show and or discuss 8 to 12 of your images. If you are too shy, you can simply show them. You show should have a theme like My top 10 or My favourites or My dog or Black and White, whatever you like.

We have room for 11 or 12 people and it's filling up fast. Here's the list so far. If you aren't on it, sorry, I may have missed an email, please re-send.

You don't need to send the images, just bring them a little early on meeting night on a CD or USB key.

If you want to participate, send an email to with your name and the title of your set of photos.

Here's the list so far. Still room for a few more.

1. Andrew Boghen - Sunsets / Sunrises
2. Ron Furlong
3. Paul Landry - My Favourites
4. Ira Crummey - Tuktoyaktuk North West Territory
5. Isabelle Levesque
6. Steve Muise - Venice

See you on March 26th.

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