1. Freeze frame 
2. Kids at heart
3. Transit
4. Food
5. Pay it forward
6. Hair
7. Get cozy
8. Street
9. Tight 
10. Strength
11. Light graffiti (paint with light)
12. Homelessness
13. Working hard
14. Historical
15. Catching air

Due to the difficulty that the list was gonna have on people shooting as individuals the list has been reworded and revised.
Sorry for any inconveniences. But it was just not a fair list for individual shooters.
You will have 2 extra hours to complete the event Closes at 1:59AM
Have Fun

1.       Photograph someone pretending to be a store mannequin (in store or shop window).

2.       In the kids play area at a fast food restaurant (and show your team playing and having fun)

3.       Inside a city bus.

4.       Doing the chicken dance in front of KFC (or chicken place show KFC logo)

5.       Two people from your team helping stranger fold clothes at laundry mat    

6.       Worst hair Picture

7.       Photo all team members less one sleeping on a department store mattress. Get cozy.

8.       Create a human chalk outline on the sidewalk of a public place with someone lying in it.

9.       I can’t believe we all fit in here!

10.   Strength

11.   Light graffiti

12.   Homelessness

13.   Working hard

14.   Past Meets Present

15.   Catching air

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