Photography Maritime Scavenger Hunt 2014 August 16, 2014

Focus Camera Club invites you to their
24 hr. Photography
Maritime Scavenger Hunt 2014
August 16, 2014



Award Dinner October 18, 2014
Mapleton Park Lodge, Moncton, NB

Contest Details:

for those not on Facebook

The hunt will take place on August 16th, 2014. 
All participants in the scavenger hunt will be invited to a Presentation Dinner to be held on October 18th at the Mapleton Lodge in Moncton.  We will gather for a delicious meal, images will be shown in a slide show presentation, prizes will be awarded to winners. (Each photographer’s interpretation of the categories will be interesting to see!)  Note: You do not have to be present at the dinner to win.

Here's how it works: We give you categories, you take photos that you believe best fits the categories and send them to us, pretty simple! 

The rules in details:


You may register a team with a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 5. Teams are strongly encouraged, however you may also register as an individual.

Please register by sending an email to You must register by August 14th, 2014.

Each team must have a captain and must provide an email address so we can keep in touch and provide any information needed. Those who would like to join a team but do not have enough people to make a team, please let us know.

Scavenger Hunt Day

Categories will be selected by a non-participating photographer.

The categories will be sent to the team captain and individual participants by email on midnight August 16, 2014. This will give you the full 24 hours of August 16th to take your photos for the categories we send. Team captains are responsible to share the categories with their team members.  Photos can be taken anywhere during the 24 hour period.

Submitting your photos

Photos must be sent to the email address by August 30th, 2014. All photos submitted must be taken no earlier than 12:00AM August 16th and no later than 11:59PM August 16th. Images must be sent in JPEG format and there is no size limit. Please leave them at full size to ensure the best image quality for judging.

Photoshop is allowed (cropping, cloning, montage, multiple, use of layers, vignetting, dodging and burning etc)

Each person in a team must send a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 5 photos. Individual participants must also send no more than 5 photos. Each team or individual must send only one photo per category. Individual participants may choose any 5 categories out of the 16 categories we send.

Photos will be judged by professional photographers. Each photo will be identified by a number to ensure the judges will not know who took the photos. Please do not put your name on the photos.

And the most important rule: HAVE FUN!!!!

If you have any questions, please email us and we'll get back to you.  A copy of the rules and link to our email address can be found at


The Scavenger Hunt Committee

Marilyn, Claudine, Licia, Louise and Ruth

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