Jan 23, 2210 - Maurice Henri - "Storytelling through Composition"

Artist Statement

I always believed that I did not have a "artistic approach".  In having one, it seems to me, that pre-planning the now, the where and the why would abstain me from the destination. For me, this pre-envisioned direction lacks of essence, i.e. to experience the unknown, the risk and doubt, construction and deconstruction, ... for me, all things fitting for creation.
 As photographer, I am closer to the subject when I do not have intentions, but I live a sense of calm all the same when I photograph. It is thus at the same time an exploration of color and light, of contemplation and meditation. Therefore, my "artistic approach"... simply, an approach.
My work is guided by my desires of the moment, the need to communicate and observe closely what occurs in my environment. I give myself freedom to choose the medium, which nurtures at that moment my feelings. All this amalgamates and accumulates to assemble a scenario, that guides me towards the series. Several continuations of images are arranged together under a selected topic and usually constitute a complete project.

More importantly, as a photographer attracted to nature, I give myself the task to share my vision and my love of nature. I can only hope that by seeing its beauties, more people will start to like it... and it is very natural to want to protect what we like.

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