Photo Scavenger Hunt Team Event August 18th 2013

 Photo Scavenger Hunt Team Event August 18th 2013
Please respond with e-mails to the Field Trip Coordinator (Click on the link on the main Focus Camera Club page) if you are interested
Even if you don’t have enough people to make your own team we’d still like to hear from you

Your Teams MUST be registered by Saturday August 3rd. Each team must have someone
designated as their main contact, each team must provide an E-mail address so I can keep
in touch and provide any info that you may need.

The Hunt will be Sunday August 18th, 2013.
You will have until August 31st, 2013 to submit your images.

The images will be handed over to the judges by September 7th.
Again this year John Beesley and Donna Just have volunteered to judge the
images for us.

After the Judging has been completed we will be having an awards dinner.
We will schedule the Awards Dinner either Friday October 4th or Friday October 11th.
The location of the Awards Dinner is still to be determined. After we see what kind of
crowd we will have attending I will know better what size room we will require.

I will need to have a list of all that want to attend the awards dinner turned in with your images
on August 31st.(Yes we will still be able to register a few late comers to the dinner but the earlier
I have the numbers the better..)

The Hunt Rules.

Minimum 3 people per team, maximum 5.
Minimum 3 entries per person on each team.

There will be 16 categories that will be given out on Saturday Aug 17/2013 at 11:55PM, all  images must be taken within the next 24hour period (no earlier than 12:00AM Sunday Aug 17th/2013 .... no later than 12:00 AM Monday Aug 19/2013).
The categories will be emailed to a designated person from each team at
the above stated time. It is up to that person to get the list out to their team.
(the hunt is spread over quite a distance and E-Mail will be the easiest way to get the info out)

Categories are open to interpretation (they are non specific singular or plural)

All images must be submitted as JPEGs, no size restrictions:  we want your full size files as to
ensure your best image quality at time of judging.

Photoshop is allowed (cropping, cloning, montage, multiple,  use of layers,  vignetting,  dodging  and burning etc) we live in an age of digital cameras and digital darkrooms so lets use them as they should be. This is a contest to show off our photography skills as artists and what better way to do that than let us use all our tools.

If you are shooting film you are required to submit images as JPEGS so it is up to each photographer to have their chosen images scanned for entry.(this is to simplify the judging and streamline the production of the awards show).

Prizes to be awarded.....
1st(which will be 1st place club as well), 2nd, and 3rd place team.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Photographer.
Honorable Mention
Best in Show
and possibly a few "Fun" awards.......

If you know of any clubs that may be interested please let me know and I(or you)
can contact them...
Ivon Gaudet:

If you have any questions ... please contact me and I will be happy to help.

The most important rule of all for the Hunt I like to leave for last....
I want this even to be a FUN event... Team rivalry, friendly egging on of other teams
and the odd poke at each other is totally recommended.... Basically do anything
respectful to others to get them involved.....

And yes, the Fundy Camera Club(Saint John) will definitely have their work cut out for them
to KICK THE BUTTS of the Focus Camera Club(Moncton).... Focus Camera Club did an amazing
job the last time and definitely made the night memorable..... "TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!"

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