Christmas Scavenger Hunt Photo Walk - Dec 3rd

Join us for our Christmas Scavenger Hunt Photo Walk downtown Moncton on Saturday, December 3rd. We will meet at the Tim Hortons, on the corner of Alma and Main Streets, at 9:00 am. Once we are all "coffeed up", we will be ready to leave by 9:15.

6 categories, with a Christmas theme will be announced that morning. We will have four hours in downtown Moncton and surrounding area to take pictures of each of the six categories selected.

Meet for lunch at 1:30 pm at Subway downtown across from Tim Horton’s.

One week after the Scavenger Hunt we would appreciate it if each participant would submit his or her best image from each category. We will advise whom this should be sent to in our next correspondence, as we would like to show them at the next meeting in a special way.  

Note: There are no prizes, no giveaways, no winners, nothing like that.  It’s just a friendly game of sharing and experiencing the hunt together. It’s the excitement of seeing what others come up with.


AngelaNB said...

Is there a charge?

Focus Camera Club said...

Totally free! Although you have to buy your own lunch :-)