Upcoming "Audience Participation" Assignments

We thought we would try something new with a couple of the assignments this year. We are calling them...
Audience Participation Assignments (APA)
We wanted to give you plenty of time to think about how to prepare for these. Here's how they will work:

The first APA theme is "Song Title", which will be due at our January 12th meeting. Your assignment is to shoot an image that, in your mind, portrays a popular song. As each image is being shown at the meeting, our members will try to "guess" which song the image was shot to represent. As an example, you might shoot a country road winding off into the distance to represent "The Long and Winding Road."

What will happen once the actual song title is revealed? Will our members guess the correct song or will there be different interpretations? Should be interesting and fun!

The second assignment is "Up Close and Far Away", which will be due on June 14th. With this one you will shoot 2 images of the same subject. The first one will be up close (macro) with the attempt to "mask" what the subject is. With this one, try to be artistic. Try to be abstract. From this first shot only, the members in the audience will try to "guess" what the subject is.

The second shot will be the "reveal" shot. Take a wide shot (far away) of your subject to identify what it is. Should be interesting to see if the members can guess correctly!

We hope you enjoy these assignments!


Jan said...

To my thinking it's a great idea........I just hope I'll remember........hopefully there will be some reminders posted from time to time.


Focus Camera Club said...

Jan... we will do our best to keep reminding everyone!