New Club Website Coming Very Soon!!

Please pardon our mess while we re-build the FCC website! Look for new and improved colours and format coming soon. (Note: The current look is only temporary) We will continue to improve the site over the next short while, with the goal of making it your NUMBER ONE resource for club information. While there are some modifications and reorganization still yet to come, we would like to draw your attention to the most recent updates:

1. We have added a number of "pages" to the site, most notably a "Club Galleries" page. Members will be able to submit photos for the galleries and they will be posted on a rotating basis. We are very excited about this and will be providing more information, including how you can submit your images, soon!

2. We have included a "Links/Resources Page", so you will have links to some of the most popular photo-tips sites and other popular resources. If you have a site to suggest, please email us the link and an explanation of why you like the site.

3. You will be able to post both the site and each post to Facebook & Twitter. This will allow each of us to promote the club individually to friends and family. FCC also has our own Facebook Group page and a Flickr Group page. You can now link directly to those pages from our website.

4. Expect regular updates. We intend to keep you informed and we also would like to "show-off" the winners of our club competitions. After a competition, we intend on posting the winners on the site for all club members to see. (With the photographer's permission of course.)

This is just a quick overview of the things we are doing online. Your feedback is welcome! We will talk more about this at an upcoming meeting.

In the meantime, keep shooting!

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