September 11, 2008 - Meeting Follow-up

Mount A Multi-Media Presentation - Deadline - Sept 25 or sooner
Mount A is looking for images for a multi-media presentation that will be presented October 17, 2008 @ 1pm (tentative time). They are looking for the following images:
-Abstracts or soft esoteric images utiliizing birds, crosses or sunrays
-Abstracts of various colours
-Sunrises & sunsets (no buildings or boats)
-Reflections in water
I know everyone would have at least one image in their library that could be submitted.
If you are looking for additional details, please contact Lynn Johnson @ 756-2140 (home), 859-4220 (work) or

Year-end Conference
As I presented, I would like to put on a day long conference with 4 presenters as keynote speakers. To make this work, it will take some long term planning, lining up sponsors, finding a venue, and recruiting volunteers among other things to make it all happen. If you would like to be part of the committee to make this happen, please send me an email.

Tips and Tricks
If you have topics you would like to be discussed and presented at a meeting, please forward you topic ideas to me.

Image Evaluation
If you would like to present images to be viewed and receive constructive feedback, please forward them to me and I will add them to our meeting agendas.

Reference Materials
If you have a good book or magazine article that may help out other members, please let me know and we could present that in a future meeting or post on our website.

Photo Walks
I am looking for one or 2 people that are interested in planning our photo walks that we discussed last evening.

Scavenger Hunt Banquet
Anyone interested in attending the banquet for the Scavenger Hunt that took place in August, please forward me your names by Monday, September 15th. The dinner will take place at the Sussex Golf and Country Club, Sunday, September 21th from 1pm-5pm. The diner that will be served will be a turkey dinner with cheesecake (mmmmmm!) for dessert and will cost $20. If you are interested in attending but not eating, the cost will be $5.

Non-club Contests
Just to remind everyone that there are 3 contests on our website that may be worth while submitting images for.

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