MEETING – THURSDAY, FEB 7th 2008, 7:00 PM

MEETING – THURSDAY, FEB 7th 2008, 7:00 PM

Our presenter for the Feb. 7th meeting will be longtime club member Bruce Murray.

Bruce has been involved with the camera club for roughly 20 years having served as secretary, field trip coordinator and anywhere else he was needed or could help. He has been taking pictures for about 25 years, both black and white and colour, and has now the switch to digital. Bruce is often a contest winner.

The presentation will consist of roughly 80 pictures which he has taken in the last year and a half. The images are from all 3 Maritime Provinces, consisting mainly of Scenes and Landscapes.

The club contest for this meeting is “Close-up/Macro” so don’t leave your images at home.

As always, there should be lots of Images for View.

There will be a contest in April for images of “Ice and Snow”. That means there is plenty of time to put your images together. This has been a “winter of abundance” for both and there is a lot of time left to make more images.

Les is looking for club members to make short presentations on digital image processing and techniques with Photoshop or other software. Please identify yourselves to Les ASAP so he can get this program started. This was one of the items identified by members for more programming.

For those interested in digital workflow, this site sets out a detailed process for camera settings, downloading and organization of both RAW and JPEG images. Don’t hesitate to browse the rest of the site as well.

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