Annual Potluck Supper

Hi Everyone,

The Annual Potluck supper is going to be held at Stephan Reeb's home here in Moncton. Now, Stephan I'll have to get you to reply to all and give instructions and address information. The day well be June 30th we can begin to gather at Stephan's humble home around 3.30pm and supper well be on the table for 5.00pm.

Another note, KVCC contacted me this week. So, I need to know if anyone is interested in participating in the 2007 Scavenger Hunt this year. The format is changing somewhat I don't have particulars yet, there well be a meeting next week so I'll know and have more next week. Interested people please contact me ASAP, the big day well be in July and the Awards diner would be in August. There's no sponsor this year, so it well be self-governed.

If some members would like to invite other past members to the potluck, please for the information on to them as well.

Focus Camera Club
Hi everyone,

It will be my pleasure to welcome you at my place for the FCC pot-luck
on Saturday June 30th.

The address is 34 Johnson Avenue in Moncton. It is just north of the
Moncton City Hospital. On a Saturday, parking will be available in the

As befits a bachelor, my house is smallish and not child-proof, but
there is a deck which will be handy if the weather allows, and I have
enough chairs and furniture to sit about 25 people. If things get boring
I may introduce you to a neat party game called Werewolf.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Update Email added: Sunday, June 17, 2007

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