Mar. 29th ~ Geoff Douglas


Geoff Douglas well be presenting a overview of the Proshow Gold software.

Also, we have the Contest titled "Beatles Song Title or Lyric". Please, mark your images with your name and the song title or lyric. The title's are an important part of the judging as it well determine that the theme content has been met.

The remainder of the year's meetings have been planned they are as follows:
April 12 - Keith Vaughn
April 26 - European Adventures - photos of Ireland/Poland/Austria/Budapest taken by Ed Vye, Presented by Alex Vye
May 10 - General meeting

Please note the Calendar has been updated the time was set for an 8 o'clock meeting that is not true; in fact it starts as per usual at 7 o'clock.

Don't forget there'll be slides for view tonight.

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