Feb 15th ~ Tim Doucette

Sorry folks for my tardiness in getting this post out there for all to see and to remind each and everyone on the upcoming meeting. Just as a quick side note and reminder on our cancellation policy, if the University de Moncton is closed or closes during the day of the meeting the Focus Camera Club meeting well also be canceled. I'll do my best to update the website as to any cancellation as well listen to C103.

Now, tomorrow we have Tim Doucette showing his "Photographing the Heavens". As you recall we had Tim scheduled early in the fall but was unable to make, he's been rescheduled. Tim comes to us from the Moncton Astronomy Club and has some fabulous images of what our universe looks like beyond what the naked eye can see.

To go along with the evening we are having our 6th themed club contest, titled "Delicate" so bring in your photo's both slide and digital. There's a great race on for first place but we are only have way through the season so everyone still has a chance in snagging top prize.

Upcoming we have the Ken Dunphy "Best Landscape Award", FCC contest "Team without Players" and CAPA Nature/Pictorial are all due March 1st.

Ivan's Camera
has some slide specials and I've been asked to forward it onto the members. You'll have to contact Ivan's for any questions in regards to the following PDF's and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to answer your questions. Fujifilm Slide Special Slide Processing Price

Focus Camera Club

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