Next Meeting - Feb. 9th

Just a quick reminder of our meeting this evening. We will not be in Room D-102 as normal as that room has been booked. Please look for signs on the door to direct you to the room that will be available!

Also I would like to thank those members who submitted images for the Exhibition in Saint John at the Saint John Arts Council. We had a total of 43 images submitted and Sebastian and I delivered them safely to 20 Hazen Ave in Saint John earlier this week. The exhibition opens tomorrow afternoon in Saint John and there will be a reception between 5 and 7pm. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, as I will be enroute to Halifax for an early morning memorial service that will take place on Saturday. I would encourage as many members to attend this function that can go.

There will also be an outing on March 4th at the Saint John Arts Council for the Focus Camera Club so that we can meet members of the Saint John Photography Club as well as members of the K.V. Camera Club. I feel that this will be an excellent opportunity to network with other clubs to see the work that they are doing, various field trip ideas, programme suggestions and to see how they are addressing the changes that digital photography is bringing to their clubs!

As always please bring slides for view and I hope to see you all this evening.
(email from prez Robert Saulnier)

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